I want to thank you again for offering your time and giving me the opportunity to capture gorgeous photographs of you and your loved ones. It’s heartwarming to know that individuals like yourself relate to my style and see something special in it.


I might not be able to stop time but I am able to capture who you are in this present moment. Each photograph will be unique to your family as it will embody the love you share.


My aim is to capture every honest, organic moment, leaving you with images that will become works of art you’ll proudly display in your home. I want you to look back at these photographs in the future and really feel what it was like at that precise moment in your lives – every touch, smile, laugh, embrace… feel it in every sense of the word.


I can't wait to get started!


So you're probably asking yourself, 'What now?' Let me answer that with a bunch of information that will hopefully answer any questions you may have about your upcoming photoshoot.


You have accessed this link through an email confirming your booking date. If you haven't already, you will also receive an email with a link to my contract that you can e-sign so we don't have any messy paper work. Got to love the wonders of the internet, right? Once you have read through this information and answered the questionnaire I have for you below, we will decide on a location and starting time.


About a week before your photoshoot, I will email you again just to check in and confirm the location, time and date. It's a great chance to have any further questions answered or to get any worries off your chest. I'm also here if you would prefer to chat over the phone - tell me a time that best suits you and I'll get in touch.


The day before your shoot, I'll get in touch via email again to confirm the time, give you my phone number and check the weather is looking fine (if our session is outdoors).




Together we will decide on a location that is best suited for your family and to my vision for these model sessions. If you are having a family or maternity session, we will more than likely have our shoot outdoors (it can be in your home if you wish - as long as there is adequate natural light). If it's for a newborn or baby, it will be in your home.


The home often shows a personal side to your photographs as it's a space that you can feel most like yourself. You can choose to do some of the activities you would usually do with your family (read a book, dance, jump on the bed) and not have to worry if you have forgotten something; that drink bottle, jumper or a change of clothes. How handy!

If the session is in your home, please don't feel the need to have it spotless. I'm not going to judge! The only thing I ask is to clear away any clutter that might be distracting in the background of a photo and have a set of neutral sheets on the master bed. If it helps, the rooms that usually lend themselves to best light and aesthetics are the master bedroom, a child's bedroom and the living room. However, we won't know that until I show up.


If your family are more likely to enjoy fresh air, a bit of an adventure and aren't afraid to get a little messy, then an outdoor shoot is for you. I have a number of places I shoot at regularly or you may have a location that is special to your family. Choose a place that suits your style and makes me you feel comfortable. I encourage you to avoid places with a playground in sight. If you have ever had to pull a child away from a playground, you'll understand why I brought this up. If you're still unsure, I can always help you with your decision.




You will have received a time for your model session - either mid morning (in-home newborn), sunrise or sunset (family/maternity). The light is magical at this time of day and provides a gorgeous glow. I keep mentioning light because it really is important - it adds another dimension to a photograph. Without good light, a photo can look a bit drab.


Worried about the kids being up late? Don't stress. This isn't something you do every day. I'd suggest the young ones having a mid arvo nap, maybe a snack/early dinner and a bit of downtime to relax before the session. Or on the flip side, make the day a little more special - stay up that little bit later, celebrate doing something different together as a family and maybe even go out for dinner. Why not?




First off, assure your partner that this experience is pain free. I promise! In fact, you'll have a lot of fun.

After a 'Hi' and a hug (cause I will know you so well by now), I'll be getting down low and chatting with your kids. It's their trust I need to build in the shortest amount of time. They need to feel at ease and comfortable taking a little direction by yours truly.


If we are in your home, I would love it if your kids could show me around so I can get a sense for which rooms have the best light. They may have a favourite book or toy they want to show me. If you like, put on your favourite tunes and then we will get started!

If we are outdoors, we will get started straight away. There will be plenty of time for exploring throughout the session.


I'll guide you through the motions - positioning you in the best light and provide you with some verbal cues. That's really it. The rest will be you showing your one-of-a-kind connection with each other. The session will go for around an hour but I don't set a timer, I just go with the flow. It will all feel quite natural.




It rains - we will reschedule.

Someone is ill - we will reschedule. This includes myself.




First and foremost, wear what makes you comfortable and feeling your best. But if you're after a bit of inspiration, here are some tips:


- Select colours and tones that compliment each other. Neutrals or earthy tones are always winners but if you like pops of colour, go for it.


- Ladies, flowy dresses can look amazing, particularly in an outdoor shoot.


- Layering is another great option if you're not into dresses, particularly if you're a little self-conscious.


- For my pregnant mumma's, you want to show off that belly of yours while being comfortable. Flowy dresses are still a winner as you can twirl and feel free but accentuate that belly with your hands whenever you like. You can also go something tighter fitting around the belly. For example, a fitted maternity dress or jeans, fitted top and cardi. If you want to bare a bit more and wear a bikini and something flowy for a few shots (like a kimono or a light lace/crocket jacket), wear the bikini under your photoshoot outfit.


- For breastfeeding mumma's, don't feel you have to wear breastfeeding friendly clothes. It's your home so do what feels comfortable. If you'd like some shots of you breastfeeding (and many women do), have a second outfit at the ready if the one you really want to wear for the shoot is a bit tricky to feed in.


- Avoid wearing identical colours and matching outfits. I feel like I'm in a time warp when I see matching outfits!


- Keep accessories to a minimum. Simple and clean is best. If you want to wear a signature piece (like a hat) for some of the shots, that's not a problem.


- Gentlemen, don't be tempted by business attire. A business shirt will work against what the rest of your family are wearing.


- Logos are a no-go... like what I did there? Images and logos on the front or back of clothing can be distracting. I want your photos to look and feel timeless. I have a feeling you do too.


- There is nothing wrong with a pattern but consider how it compliments the other outfits being worn in the shoot. For instance, you wouldn't want everyone wearing patterns and you certainly don't want a pattern so bold that takes away from the focus of your photos (ie. the connection). Alternatively, go for a textured fabric like linen or lace. They can look stunning.


- Mumma - this is a time to celebrate you and the family you have created. If you're stuck with what your family should wear, start with your outfit. The rest will fall into place.


Still worried? Send me photos of your clothing options, ask me questions or have a look at photos on my website and on sites like Pinterest. I'll help you out where I can.




Do I use them? Occasionally. I'll always have a blanket with me for outdoor sessions and maybe a few pillows if we want to be a little fancy. If you're in the home with a bub, you might want to have a few muslin wraps, a change of clothes for bubs, the bath set up (in case you'd like to get a few bath time shots)... anything you would like to incorporate in the shoot.

If you want to use something special in your shoots, go right ahead. As I mentioned before, for in home shoots your kids might want to play a game, kick around a footy or read a book.




If you would like your pet to be in the images, I'm more than happy to accommodate them. They are part of the family too. I love animals so as long as I get a cuddle, I'm happy.




You may have noticed when looking through my gallery that I encourage people to be physically close. I'll be asking you to play, tickle, kiss, cuddle and hold hands. It is rare that I ask you to look at the camera. More often than not I'll be encouraging you to look at each other. Please don't feel nervous or uncomfortable showing affection. I know it can seem strange at first but trust me, you'll be glad you did.


I also want to thank you for filling in my questionnaire. It has allowed me to learn so much more about you in a short space of time.




You know what? SO CAN MINE! The last thing you need to be worried about during your photoshoot is how your kids are behaving. With the information you provide me in the questionnaire, I'm sure I'll be able to engage with them. Fun fact: I'm a qualified primary school teacher. Kids are my life!

A little bit of craziness and chaos can also be a lot of fun and I'll be able to gauge when the kids reach that point that they just want to go and do their own thing - and I'll capture that too! Just let your kids be themselves and I promise I'll get some great shots.




I'll have your photos ready for you to view in a private online gallery within two weeks after your shoot. However, I like to give you a little sneak peek before then so keep an eye on your inbox.


Once you have access to your gallery, you can select the photos you love or purchase the entire gallery - the choice is yours. These photos can then be downloaded in high resolution straight to your computer or device.


You have received a number of images as a gift for your time. However, if you'd like to purchase more, you're more than welcome to do so. Click here to visit my pricing page.



There are lots of factors in selecting the right images for your online gallery. In short, I select the images that best represent you as a family and me as an artist. You will have a lot of variety to choose from.




I get why we would be tempted to ask to get rid of your double chin or slim yourself up. We can all be a little self conscious. But trust me, when you look back at your photos over the many years to come, you won't be focusing on how you looked. You'll just remember how that moment with the ones you loved made you feel.


Besides, you are beautiful just the way you are. Don't try to convince yourself otherwise!




No problem. Just click on the button below and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.


Megan Browne is family and newborn lifestyle photographer, celebrating love and life through authentic, heartfelt photographs that capture genuine connection. Based in Doreen, Megan provides her services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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