Déjà vu? – Melbourne Family Photographer

When this lovely mumma contacted me, I was so curious to know if her family lifestyle session would feel a little like déjà vu. After all, I had taken photos of her sister’s family only a few weeks before hand and we were heading to the same location.

Instantly I was a little worried. I thought to myself, “Are these photos going to look the same?”

I’m pleased to say no. No, they did not. And here is why.

A lifestyle session is a lot more free form than your standard portrait photography. You are given some direction but how you execute that direction is up to you. Most of the time, it’s completely organic. How you communicate and connect with each other will shine through your images. Your smile reacting to your child’s laugh is one of a kind. How you dance with them to their amazing made up song is truly unique. Booking a family session allows you to capture moments that feel completely natural.

Your mood and personality also have a place in lifestyle photography. If your family are fairly quiet or maybe a little reserved, I often find that the session will be filled with thoughtful, calm moments. Your communication isn’t spoken but rather delivered through eye contact or a long embrace.  On the flip side, your family might be a little more outgoing and talkative. Your kids might go a little silly (which is always a lot of fun) and you’re left in fits of laughter. All that is required in a lifestyle session is for you to be yourselves and the images will be a true reflection of your personality.

You could go to the same location for a shoot over and over again but the images will always have a different look and feel about them depending on the season and the time of day. Light is everything to a photographer. It’s almost another subject within the images and certainly adds a dynamic to a photograph depending on how it is used. Golden hour is by far my favourite time of day for a shoot. It’s the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. It adds a gorgeous glow and is very flattering to the subjects – you! However, shooting in a different season or a different time of day, the photo will look completely different. Try it yourself – grab a camera and take a few shots of someone or something in the same over the course of a day. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

The best thing about having a family lifestyle session is that your photos you receive will never look like anyone else’s images. They are uniquely you. The photographs taken during your session are your family’s memories – little snapshots of this beautiful moment in time.

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I’m so pleased to share some of my favourite photos from this session with mumma, Prue, and her absolutely stunning family. The session was filled will laughter and fun games made up by the kids. Thank you, Prue, for trusting me with photographing your memories.


Megan Browne is family and newborn lifestyle photographer, celebrating love and life through authentic, heartfelt photographs that capture genuine connection. Based in Doreen, Megan provides her services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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