Am I The Right Photographer For You? – 9 Key Values to my Lifestyle Photography

There are a lot of different photographers out there, each bringing their own skills and personality to the shoot. Whether it be posed or natural, studio or in-home, you need to select a photographer that suits your style and for them to be someone you connect with.

So am I the right newborn photographer for you? Let’s find out!

Here are 9 aspects I truly value about my lifestyle photoshoots. If you like what you read, I could be the photographer for you!

1. Featuring… MUM!

It’s more often that not that mum is the one behind the camera. Is this you? You probably have a ridiculous amount of images of the kids, quite a few of your partner with the kids but sadly, not that many with you in it.
Sure, you say you don’t mind not being in front of the camera but deep down, maybe you do? And what about your kids? Don’t they deserve to see you in your family photos?
We might not be pumped full of body confidence after having a baby (or the years after in my case) but you’d rather your kids know you were there when they look back at those images. You want them to remember the times you were together – as a family. I want to show you how beautiful and loved you truly are.

2. Unique to your Family

Connection is key to finding a photographer. It’s not enough to just learn your name and take your photo. I want to get to know you – your interests, your personality, what makes you happy and what you love to do together as a family. I use this information to capture those moments you truly value and provide an experience that allows you to reflect on the love and connection you share. Your family photos are something special that cannot be replicated. They are unique to you and you alone.

3. Prompts and Guidance

Finding a balance in the honesty of the moment is always at the forefront of my mind with each and every photoshoot. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable, not knowing what to do or how to act, but you also don’t want to feel posed, rigid and unauthentic. I will let you know what to expect during a photoshoot so there are no surprises. I’ll chat with you and provide you with guidance when necessary, letting you know how the images can be enhanced while sharing prompts to encourage genuine interaction. Then there will be other times where you’re in the moment and you should feel very little of my presence. I want you to feel comfortable knowing that when you finally see your images, they will be a true representation of your family.

4. The In-Between Moments

When you think I’m not going to take a photo, I probably will. Truth be told, these are the moments I LOVE to capture as they are truly authentic and are often the ones that families treasure the most. You have permission to be yourselves – embrace it! When you break into fits of laughter from an inside joke, I’m capturing that. Watching you breathe in that gorgeous new baby smell as you cuddle your bub… you betcha! When you look back at your photos, there should be a story to tell… that’s what it’s all about.

5. Natural and Authentic

As you may have guessed (and seen), I don’t work in a studio, I only use natural light and if I’m totally honest, I prefer you don’t look at the camera most of the time! Even better, forget I’m even there! I want to provide you with natural and authentic moments that represent you and your family. Every session is filled with laughter, dancing, singing, stories and exploring. I capture what you love to do as a family so you can remember all those moments that can be easily forgotten.

6. More than just Bub

Let’s talk specifically about newborn photoshoots for a minute. Yes, they are called ‘newborn’ sessions but they are so much more than just that. Unlike many studio style sessions where it’s just baby wrapped up in particular pose, my lifestyle newborn shoots incorporate the whole family. They are relaxed, baby led, authentic and a lot of fun. So much changed and so many ‘firsts’ are happening at this time – If you have other children, they have just become a sibling! You may be adapting to becoming parents for the first time and how exciting (and a little terrifying) is that?! You might want some generation photos or photos with your fur babies too. And you certainly don’t want to be travelling around – so I come to your home. I’ll talk a little more about that in a bit.

7. Kids being Kids

One of the biggest worries most parents have is how their kids are going to behave. Whether it be your child giving a bit of sass, your toddler not sitting still or your baby just won’t settle, you want a photographer who is going to be patient, understanding and still be able capture some beautiful images. I’m a mum of two little ones and a primary school teacher – I can safely say I’ve seen it all. Yes, these moments happen and they are often unavoidable. Your kids are who they are; they have their own unique voice and personality… and truth be told, a little bit of sass and character make for an amazing photograph.

8. I tend to make partner’s cry… but in the good way!

I love receiving feedback from previous families I have had the pleasure of photographing and something I hear regularly is, “You made my partner cry”. These aren’t bad tears by the way – I didn’t kick them in the shins during the photoshoot or anything!
There is often a bit of reluctance from husbands and partner’s when it comes to a family photoshoot. Rest assure, hubbies. The experience is a lot of fun and if you’re anything like past gentlemen I have photographed, they’re brought to tears by the love and joy they experience looking at a photograph of them with the ones they love most. Yep… gents, you’re just big softies deep down, aren’t you?

Want proof? Here are some kind words from gorgeous mumma, Laura:

“Megan came to photograph my gorgeous little baby girl and she was absolutely incredible. Her ability to capture her in her natural environment was amazing. My partner actually started crying when he saw the photos because they were just divine.”

9. I Come to You

The last thing you need to be asking yourself when you’ve just had a bubba is, “Have I packed the nappies? Where is that spit up cloth? Did I put that extra bottle in?” My newborn photoshoots happen in the comfort of your own home. None of this running around town, sitting in traffic and worrying if you’ve got everything. You can relax, have a cuppa, cuddle bub on your couch and know that if you get puked up on or if baby has a poo-nami, you have everything at your fingertips!
Family photoshoots can also happen in the home. Imagine having gorgeous memories captured of everyone running under the sprinkler, reading a book together in bed or playing dress-ups with your kids.
If you want your photoshoot outdoors, tell me where you’d like go or choose from some of my favourite locations. I travel all over Melbourne and beyond so there are plenty of options. Jump in the waves at the beach, explore the bush or run through open fields. The choice is yours.

Am I the right fit?

Did my values resonate with you? Did you get the feeling of a warm hug when you read the above or maybe you shouted out, “YES! I FOUND MY PHOTOGRAPHER!” Gosh, I hope so! And if you did, then I’d love to chat with you!
So please get in touch by clicking here or sending an email straight to If you want to take a look at some of my other work, please visit my portfolio and check out the range of collections I offer to families.
Can’t wait to capture some beautiful moments between you and your loved ones.

If you’re bit in love with the photos shared within this blog and want to see more, keep scrolling. You may recognise two of the four members of this family from a previous maternity photoshoot. Meet my friend, Ebony, and her gorgeous clan; an amazing family who welcomed me into their home to photograph some special moments in celebration of their little girl being born. Congrats again, Ebony!


Megan Browne is family and newborn lifestyle photographer, celebrating love and life through authentic, heartfelt photographs that capture genuine connection. Based in Doreen, Megan provides her services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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