5 reasons why Winter is the perfect time for an outdoor family photography session.

Melbourne family photography during autumn and winter

“I’ll just wait until it’s warmer before we book in our photo shoot.”
Have you heard yourself saying this before?

I understand that it’s tempting to wait until the warmer months but honestly, there so many terrific reasons to book your outdoor session during these cooler Winter months. Here are just a few…

1. Earlier Sunsets

Those golden sunsets (which are just as beautiful as Summer) are sooo much earlier. I’m talking about being home again in time for dinner!
This means the kids are a little more energised for the session and in turn, less stress on you worrying if they are going to behave because they’re so tired and just want that treat you promised them. Sounds familiar? Let’s avoid that!
Winter sessions mean you can relax and still get your kids to bed on time. Every parents dream!

Melbourne family photography during autumn and winter

2. Physically and Emotionally Connected

If you’ve had a session with me before or you’ve viewed my portfolio, you’ll know that I like for families to get as close and cuddly. I always aim to capture the emotion behind the photograph with natural, honest moments between you and your loved ones. Understandably, this closeness can sometimes be a little uncomfortable in Summer when you’re all sticky, hot and bothered.
In Winter, you welcome those cuddles! You want to keep warm and toasty so holding hands, sitting close and snuggling in all come very naturally (and with no complaints on being too hot. That just doesn’t happen.

Melbourne family photography during autumn and winter

3. Soft, Subtle Light

Summer is known for quite harsh lighting but in Winter, light is so soft and dreamlike at sunrise and sunset. Just look out your window on a clear night and you’ll also notice the beautiful colours in the sky. It’s absolutely stunning.
This soft light, on both sunny and overcast days, is very flatting for family portraits and in turn, perfect for a family photography session during Winter.
Worried about heavy cloud cover? Don’t. The light is still there and the focus will be on your connection, not the sky. You might even get lucky and get beautiful cloud formations which can looks terrific in a really wide shot image. And if I see it, I’ll be capturing it for you.

Melbourne family photography during autumn and winter

4. Winter Clothing and Accessories

This one is all about the clothing and accessories. Photos love texture. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. Texture is another element to a photograph just like any other art. Wool, corduroy, denim, leather, even a bit of fake fur can all look stunning. Those chunky knits, cute beanies, gloves and mittens, scarves, boots and blankets… they all have a place in Winter photographs.
You will also find more variety in your photographs when you use accessories in some shots and not others. This as well as removing and adding layers will provide you with so many different, gorgeous images you’ll have a tough time deciding which ones you’ll want to frame and display on your walls.

Melbourne family photography during autumn and winter

5. Confidence Booster

I want to start this last point by saying that no matter now you feel about yourself, you are beautiful inside and out. Please remind yourself of this every day.
We can all have days where we don’t feel all that confident in showing our body and Summer often calls for less clothing. It’s hard to cover up parts that you’re not as happy with.
You’ve seen images of me (like this one below) to know I’m not a small lady so know that I understand this feeling. I like to cover my arms and legs, I like wearing layers and I find that things don’t cling to me when I get all hot and bothered in Winter as they do in Summer. This is why Winter sessions suit me perfectly for family photography sessions. If you’re going, “AH! I’m exactly the same!” then know that I’m here for you and trust me, Winter is the time to boost your confidence and allow me to capture your beautiful self.

confidence booster - wearing layers for Melbourne winter photoshoot

Are you with me on Winter sessions now? I hope so! And if you’re still not sure yet, I have a little sweetener for you.

I’m offering $60 off any session booked throughout Winter for the next 7 days only. Mention this blog and I’ll be sure to include this discount in your next photography session.

This discount offer will end at midnight on Thursday June 18th, 2020 and will only apply to sessions booked throughout June, July and August of this year.

If you’re ready to book your Winter family photos, send me an email ( or click on the button below and get in touch. Let’s chat over a warm cuppa and plan your next family photography session.

And here are a few more gorgeous shots from this beautiful session with Evelyn and her family on a chilly evening just before we lost the change to throw crispy autumn leaves.


Megan Browne is family and newborn lifestyle photographer, celebrating love and life through authentic, heartfelt photographs that capture genuine connection. Based in Doreen, Megan provides her services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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