20 Fun Photography Activities for Kids

I don’t quite know where to start with trying to explain how I’m feeling at this current time during what is now a global pandemic. COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone and I don’t think any of us can quite fathom how this really looks or feels. We are surrounded by so much information that I often feel completely overwhelmed, as I’m sure many others are too.

Photography for kids Melbourne

When I turn off the TV and stop reading the infinite amount of information online, I’m able to focus on what is most important to me and what I want to focus my energy on.

It’s my kids. This is such a confusing time for them. I have a 1 year old that doesn’t understand what is going on (but is very out of sorts) and a 4 year old that understands things are different but can’t comprehend why. As most of us are now staying home, and the school ‘holidays’ are upon us, I wanted to help out where I can.

Before going on maternity leave with my kids, I was a full time primary school teacher. Over the years I’ve created a lot of activities that are fun, engaging and educational for many year levels and subject areas, one particular passion being Art. What better way to combine my two words of teaching children and photography than to create a resource that will hopefully provide your children with hours of entertainment over this very difficult time in our lives.

Photography for kids Melbourne

I’m sharing 20 photography activities that will allow your children to show their creative side while engaging in fun, interactive and educational games and challenges. All your child really needs is a camera! So pull out your phone, iPad, old compact camera or kid-friendly device and allow them to capture some magic behind the lens.

This is not a whole lot of busy work for your kids. There are different activities to suit every child and your family lifestyle. Some tasks can be done independently for hours on end. Others can be a little quicker, requiring a bit of help or can involve the whole family. The most important thing is that the kids have fun and their efforts are celebrated. As we all know, each child is unique and can learn in different ways so I wanted to be sure there was something for every learner. Each activity has a detailed explanation of the task and suggestions on how it can be simplified or made a little more challenging. This is a free downloadable resource that you can access by clicking on the link below.

Photography for kids Melbourne

I would absolutely love to see what your child creates and photos of them participating in the activities. So please, share your photos and your children’s work by tagging @meganbrownephotography on Facebook or Instagram, or send me at email (, so I can be sure to thank you and congratulate your child for their amazing achievements.

And please, let others know about the resource. The more we are able to help each other through this difficult period, the better we will be on the other side of it. Hopefully we will see that sooner rather than later.

Stay safe, everyone.


Megan Browne is family and newborn lifestyle photographer, celebrating love and life through authentic, heartfelt photographs that capture genuine connection. Based in Doreen, Megan provides her services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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